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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Salmon, Lima Beans and Corn So. Yeah. Last night I joined Weight Watchers on a whim. At the end of the meeting, I stayed for the newbie meeting. The leader asked each of us which plan we were going to do. Most said Core because “I don’t have to measure or track.” That’s what I was thinking but after I heard it for the fourth time, I thought, “Wait. Isn’t that what got me in this mess?”

I’m not 100% on plan but getting there. As seen before, I need to plan better! Ha! Plan to be on plan. Nice.

Breakfast: 2
Oatmeal, 2 packets Splenda and some cinnamon: 2
Multi-Vitamin: 0
Diet Mountain Dew, 1 can: 0

Lunch: 14.5
Minestrone, 16 oz.: 4.5
KitKats: 10
Diet Mountain Dew, 1 can: 0
Water, 48 oz.: 0

Evening: 12.5
Schwan’s Salmon: 7
Corn on the cob, 2 medium: 2.5
Lima beans, 1 cup: 3

Snack: 8
Hot cocoa, 2: 8

Thoughts: Ok, I see why I get hungry. Fine fine fine. Damn KitKats. Oh and the Schwan’s Salmon is out of this world! Expensive, but amazing. That was my last fillet. The vegetables at dinner were from frozen. I cooked it on the stovetop. GASP! Yes. Got lots of frozen vegetables at Food Lion that figured out to be $1/pound. Good times.

Notes: I put a little stool under the window in the dining room. It’s the only room this time of day that has any light. I put my place mat and plate on top. Ta da! Outside light without me holding the edge of the plate precariously.

Tonight I will finish studying, take my quiz, read the case we’re working on in the other class, and fix some oatmeal. Sounds like a … plan! Woot 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations on joining Weight Watchers – taking a positive first step is the hardest part sometimes.
    You may find a lot of useful information in a new magazine, Clean Eating. It emphasizes eating foods that are mimimally processed- fresh fruits, veggies, whole wheat grains, brown rice. It stresses eating 5-6 small meals/day. It is about more about fueling your body to make it look, run and function as well as possible versus just weight loss. You can find it at Barnes and Noble . Just food for thought – pun intended!

  2. Thank you. Yes, it was hard. But just by writing down everything for one day has shown me a lot. And I like getting rewarded externally so the little 5lb stars should come in handy to motivate 🙂

    I’ll check out that magazine. I googled and found its website. Looks great. I’ll definitely look for it on the stands. Thanks for the suggestion!

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