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Friday: Soft taco, spicy cauliflower and sly fruit salad

Got some exercise today in the form of Meals on Wheels. Jumping in and out of the car and running around during the heat of mid-day has to count for something!

Brought my lunch. Yay! Accomplished that part of June’s goal. Next week, let’s get the other part done! Didn’t do my water well at all. Needed caffeine a lot to battle the tiredededs. I stopped by Farm Fresh on the way home to pick up some Vitamuffins but they don’t carry them. The Vitamuffin site lies! Bah.

Tonight was a rush. I had my headset on as I ate while waiting for my online class group members to arrive in the chatroom. It went long but I am glad we ended in time for BSG 🙂

5 025
Breakfast – 9ish
Oatmeal, cinnamon, Splenda: 3?
Milk, fat-free, 1 pint: 4?
Diet Mountain Dew, can: 0

5 030
Lunch – 12ish
Cottage cheese, fat-free, 1 cup: [coming]
Strawberries, 3:
Cheese, 1 low-fat stick: [coming]
Apple, 1: 1?
Diet Mountain Dew, can: 0

Snack – 3ish
Jell-o cups, sugar-free, 2:
Cheese, 1 low-fat stick: [coming]
M&M, peanut, 1 bag: 5

5 034
Dinner – 6ish
Soft taco (leftover ground xtra lean turkey taco seasoned, 1 lf cheese stick, liberal pour of Pace picante, low-fat tortilla): [coming]
Fruit salad (1/2 banana, 1/2 kiwi, 2 strawberries): 0?
Roasted cauliflower, without Balsamic: .5

Snack – 11ish
Hot cocoa, 1 cup: 4


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