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Just another Sunday in the fridge….

Local honey I’m still extremely upset about this class. I have spent so much time on it compared to my other one. I feel like I’m just wasting my time because no matter how much time I put in it, it seems I get the same result or it’s an inconsistent result anyway. What really gets me is that I could cheat and use someone’s answers but I don’t. I’ll cheat by eating food but not to get a silly score on a silly piece of paper. Weird, eh?

Well, the great news about today is that I got a gift of local honey! Its taste isn’t the same as the other local honey. This one’s more bitter? No. Not sure how to describe it but it’s not as wonderful as the other. But it’s local and it will do its job well. I also have a new place to check out, it seems, for local produce!


  • Cheerios, 2 cups: 3.5
  • Milk, 1%, 1 cup: 2
  • Sugar, 2 Tbl: 2
  • Diet Dew, 1 can: 0

Whole wheat toast, local honey, organic kiwi and banana

  • Honey, LOCAL!, 2 Tbl: 2
  • Bread, Whole Wheat, 2 slices: 4
  • Banana: 2
  • Kiwi, organic: 1
  • Diet Dew, can: 0


Dinner – 6p.m.

  • Amy’s Shepard’s Pie: 3
    Why don’t things look like the darn box? I should have had a clue when I looked more closely and saw the little bowl on the box that was nothing like the little white paper-y thing my pie came in. Taste was alright. There’s something in it that I don’t like though and not sure what it is. Did I miss the meat? Heck no. Amy’s great about that! Was it worth the almost $4? I don’t know. It’s better, point-wise/world-wise, than what I could have had for dinner so maybe.

    Do I get “activity” points for not having more leftover lasagna?

  • Diet Dew, 1 can: 0

    I don’t usually start caffeine this late but I have a class meeting online at 7 p.m. and want to be somewhat “sharp” for it.


6 Responses

  1. Perhaps the honey was produced near maple tress. Maple honey has a bitter taste to it.

  2. Silverstar, thank you! He didn’t label it as “Clover” like the other beekeeper honey so maybe. If he is a beekeeper around me then there are no huge tracts of land so no real way to control what is nearby. Maple trees are a plenty.

    Maple honey is bitter. Wild. I wonder if there’s something that is really good with it. I’m used to using honey instead of butter or sugar.

  3. Try drizzling the honey (not too much) over baked chicken with 15 minutes left on baking time.

  4. Do you like Diet Dew per chance? 🙂 For breakfast?!

  5. Yes, Amanda. It’s my coffee. Evil, evil, evil Dew.

  6. Mary Ann, thank you for the suggestion. I bet that would be better. I’ve had honey glazed chicken before and it’s so pretty. Yep, I’ll have to try your way. So much easier. 🙂

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