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Just another manic Monday

I brought my breakfast! Yay! I even brought snack-y bits from home! I don’t like microwaving in the Ziploc container though but did. The yogurt was in a disposable container but that was so I could just try it. I can get a larger container next time and portion it out like I do for cottage cheese.

My laptop lunch is getting closer! It’s in Pennsylvania right now so I should have it within a day or so! Woo hoo.

First weigh-in was tonight.
Even though I had over-indulgences — self-indulgence was the topic this week — I had a loss. I figure because even though I went over my WPA, I still tracked and got back on track as soon as possible. I didn’t let those lapses become a gateway to “Oh, I had that, might as well have this.”

This leader is on Core and even though all the other women I joined with last week said they were going to try Core, not one did. Why did they want to do Core? “I don’t have to measure and can eat what I want.” Why did they not do Core? I kid you not, some said this. “I didn’t trust myself if I didn’t measure and count.” Wow. The reason for wanting it is the reason for not doing it. But the leader told us that it’s not that “scary.” We didn’t gain weight by eating too much broccoli. The foods on the list are, overall, not trigger foods. Rice/Pasta are limited to once a day because they could be.

On to the day’s food [30] journal….

Breakfast – 9ish [5]

  • Steel-cut oatmeal, leftover, 1 cup: 4
    Microwaved for 2 minutes. Work microwave is not as powerful as home so 2 minutes was perfect. Didn’t dry out or get funky.
  • Splenda, 2 packets, and cinnamon: 0
  • Yogurt, Greek, Fat-free, 5.3 oz: 1
  • Diet Dew, 1 can: 0
  • Multivitamin: 0

Lunch – 1ish [4]


Snack – 3:30ish [2]

  • Water, 24 oz: 0
  • Cheese, Laughing Cow, Light, Wedge: 1
    Wow, that kicked ass.
  • Apple, Gala, Organic: 1
    Was already going bad. Sad panda.
  • Jello, sugar-free: 0
    But … I … want … KitKats …

Note: Very tired all of a sudden around 4. Amount of time since last caffeine or since extremely healthful meal?

Snack – 4ish [1]

  • York Peppermint Patty, 40calories mini-one: 1
    I don’t like mint but wanted chocolate. Checked the candy closet and everything was 250+ calories. No little chocolate piece.
  • Dew, Diet, 1 can: 0


Dinner – 7ish [10]

  • I didn’t make this. It was in the oven for me. I photographed it anyway.
  • Gorton’s Potato Crunch Fish, 3 fillets: 3*3 = 9
  • Broccoli, 1 cup?: 0
  • Corn, 1/2 ear?: .5
  • Kiwi, 1 small: .5
  • ICBINB spray, 5 sprays: 0

Snack [8]

  • Hot cocoa, 2 cups: 8
    Sipping while listening to my professor….

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