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Grilled salmon, smashed taters, and popeye weed

I got a big frozen salmon from the store. It had the skin on even. I have not grilled salmon before so gave it a whirl.


And served it with some mashed potatoes and spinach. I didn’t want the spinach juice contaminating the salmon, so made a protective barrier.


This was the first grilling of the season so I had to clean up the grill. I think this is maybe the fifth time I’ve used the grill in two years. After the fish was thawed, I put it on a pre-heated medium grill. Stuff I read said to grease the grill but I had no idea how to do that with a hot grill so used a soaked paper towel. I put it skin side down and cooked it with the grill top open for about 10 minutes. I sprayed the meat side with some spray, sprinkled salt and pepper, and flipped it. The skin made it very easy to flip and keep together. Cooked it for another 10 minutes.

It was cooked well. I like mine closer to medium. Not bad though. Next time, I’ll cook it for less time or maybe move it to the top shelf with the lid closed.

5 Responses

  1. Nom nom!

  2. I love grilled salmon. That way and smoked are my most favorite way to eat it. There’s a recipe I have somewhere for cooking salmon on a cedar plank that was quite the rage a couple years ago, but I haven’t tried it. It’s so cute the way you didn’t want the spinach juice to touch the salmon. I used to have to make sure everything on my daughter’s plate “didn’t touch”.

    Your lunches look wonderful, by the way. Good for you!

  3. When we grill salmon we grill it on a cedar plank. Yummy. Sometimes I marinate it for a few minutes. I also make a great Salmon Salad.

  4. @Tracey: Heh. Just think! You too can do this! If I can do it, anyone can 🙂

    @Ladybeams: Uhoh. You mean your daughter grew out of it? Well, there’s hope for me yet! Actually, not all things have to be separated… I have a very complicated list. Thank goodness I cook my own meals for the most part. I’d drive a parent insane! 😉 I’ve tried cedar plank salmon once… you and Joan have reminded me that I gotta try cooking it.

    @Joanharvest: That does sound great. I went on a Google spree after reading these comments and found that I can do the plank on a gas grill! I’m going to have to try it. I already found some sites that sell a variety pack of planks like cedar, oak, and more. Experimentation is fun!

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