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Laptop Lunch #6

Wow. Number 6 already? I found a tin of miniature letter cutters and got a little silly with my Laughing Cow babybel.

Laptop Lunch #6

Clockwise, starting at the top left: Fat-free cottage cheese with bits of oranges and cantaloupe in it. A pile of plum and orange slices. Next is a Laughing Cow Light Babybel on top of spinach on top of orange slices. Last, but not least, is a bunch of cantaloupe balls with plum slices.The theme of this is cozy neighbors. A little of one container is in another container. Did I mention I was in a silly mood?

I started to get the hang of making balls out of my cantaloupe near the end. A few have rind on them. Oops!

WW Core except for the Laughing Cow (1 point). I just had to try these little letter cutters that I found in a drawer. I wanted to do “C” for cheese but it didn’t have “C”! No idea why. So, this is “N” for “NUM!” Also, a little gotcha… I forgot that there is a paper(?) string thing and the cut-out didn’t pop out as easily as I thought it would so had to cut along the edges of the “N.” When I got to work, I peeled off the strips and it put a slash through it making it look like “No N.” Or maybe it’s a “Z”!

Closeup of the N

Yes. I’m easily amused.

I also discovered that I don’t like orange plus cottage cheese. And the plum was very tangy but was told they’re supposed to be sweet so I’ll try that again. I still really like the combination of spinach and orange.

4 Responses

  1. I’m so envious of your laptop lunches. With each one that you post, my desire to buy one grows. I’m also already a big fan of the flatout wraps… yours looked delish.


  2. Aw! Thank you for the compliments πŸ™‚ It’s funny how I thought I would never get this far with it. “Too much trouble,” I told myself. I have a closet of craft projects that I started and never finished. If you get one, I hope you post pictures πŸ™‚ I’ve also seen people use plastic containers to make Bento-style lunches. Can start there if you don’t wanna buy a Laptop Lunch yet.

    I’m not sure what color to get next. I do know I need at least one more cause washing by hand… bleh. I’m too laz–er, pressed for time.

  3. Buying bento boxes/supplies becomes addicting. I already had two and still couldn’t resist the urge to buy another!

  4. Heh. I know what you mean πŸ™‚ I haven’t purchased more… yet.. but I feel the urge rising!

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