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I get by with a little help from my friends

This was done with my phone. Trying something different! Let’s experiment together.

These all quickies that I have snapped over the last week or so with my phone.

Scrambled eggs, banana, leftover steak.

Sweet potato (nuked 5 minutes on paper towel), corn (bought from local market and grilled about 20 minutes on medium), and sirloin (bought from local market and grilled about 5ish minutes each side indirect high).

This was ok, I guess. Not sure if I’d buy it again since it was hardly any chicken, mostly “ranch sauce,” and bread.

Tacos. Local grocer had extra lean hamburger on sale for dirt cheap.

And can’t have tacos without taco salad the next day! This includes one of the neighbor’s tomatoes cut up and put in the goodness. (Taco salad: mostly greens, a little taco meat, sprinkle of cheese, tomato and oodles of Pace Picante)

Cheese tortilla. Two low-fat/low-cal tortillas with a sprinkle of cheese inside. Nuked for 1 minute. Liberal dousing of Pace Picante. Served with a neighbor’s tomato.

Hot dogs. Two Hebrew National low-fat franks (1 point each), with Merita light wheat buns (1 point each) with squirts of ketchup. Nuked.


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