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Cooking with Grandma (or anyone, really)

I stumbled on this the other day and have been sending the link to as many people as I think can be infected by its awesomeness.

What a fantastic idea! Basically, grab a video camera and go document some history in a wonderful format! It helps to be as wonderful as a character as Clara. Amidst cooking, there are little stories and glimpses into the Depression. It made me miss my Grandma and also reminded me that we all have a story that someone is interested in hearing.

Thank you, Clara for sharing your cooking and stories. And thank you, videographers, for shooting and posting them!


One Response

  1. I wish I could have taped my Grandma cooking. She was a great Southern cook. Her genius was in the simplicity of most of what she made.

    I remember the year she made my birthday cake. I told her I wanted a pink cake, and a pink cake I got! 🙂

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