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Lunch: Leftover Balsamic Chicken and Sweet Potato

No brainer to save money is to bring one’s own lunch. Also, I hear that it’s cheaper to cook than to buy. For example, instead of spending $3.50 on a frozen meal, it’s cheaper to fix the equivalent at home. Is it? I don’t know. I want to test the theory but not sure how. For example, I have been getting Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones on sale for cheap. The affect on the trash can is high though.

Here’s today’s lunch with a critique.

  1. I nuked for too long. I’ve gotten used to nuking a frozen meal so the lunch was way too hot and the chicken was a little dried out.
  2. Herby smelly goodness is great at home but not so much at work. I heard more comments for this meal than the average Lean Cuisine one I have been eating. I appreciate the compliments but I know I have smells I don’t like — bell pepper — and apologize for filling the floor with rosemary, balsamic and oregano.
  3. There’s still quite a bit of landfill-incoming waste here. I used utensils, cloth towel, and reusable plastic container. Some day, the plastic container will go into the trash since we don’t recycle that here. The life of that is less than the cloth towel. The soda bottle will go into recycling. The plastic bag that the grapes are in will go to the trash today. How can I improve? Obviously, I can put the grapes in a reusable container, but is it another plastic one? Also, I hate microwaving in plastic. But the glass containers get so hot!
  4. Sweet potatoes > Chicken. The sweet potatoes were very filling and oh-so-nummy. Not bad for plain boiled sweet potato with a splash of milk and Brummel & Brown. And since the chicken breast was on sale for $1.99 but is usually much more and the sweet potato was on sale for .49c a pound but is usually maybe .79c…. Definitely, there’s a winner. Sweet potato! (Reminds me again about my promise to myself to become vegetarian again.)

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