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    October 2008
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Dinner: Fall harvest!

I got a bit curious and also it was time to clean out the vegetables before they spoil. 1 gigando sweet potato, 1 organic golden delicious apple, 1 bunch asparagus, 1/2 red onion, splash of olive oil and salt.

I had a pile of scraps and turned toward the trash can. But instead of tossing the scraps, I put them in a bowl. I felt good.

Scrap Bowl #1

Then I tossed on the apple core.

Scrap Bowl #2

Then family member asked about it. I said proudly, “It’s my compost pile! I’m going to dig a hole and stick it in there.” Seems that will feed the voles but that’s better than sitting in a plastic bag in the dump. But since it was dark, I then started a bigger compost bowl and topped it with aluminum foil since I can recycle that.

Scrap Bowl #3

What will happen next? Not sure! But I will add to it until it’s full and then either toss it in a hole or have a bin ready.

And, now for dinner.

Sweet potato, onions, asparagus, apples


    Sweet potatoes and onions
    Cut up peeled sweet potato and boiled for about 15 minutes while I sauteed a roughly quartered half red onion in olive oil over medium. Once the sweet potato was done, I added it (without the water) to the pan so that it would get a little color to it and mix around with the onion.

  • Apple, organic, Golden Delicious
  • Asparagus
    Basically this recipe except I use a lot less olive oil. I just dribble a little on top.

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