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Omnivore versus Vegetarian


I was a vegetarian once before. It was hard, yet not hard. I was asked “Why?” a billion times. I didn’t mind answering at first but then after the umpteenth “inappropriate” response, I began to dread that question. To me, now, that question is like “Why are you [insert religion or political party]?” My reasons are many. Will you listen to them all or will you just hear the first and launch into why it’s bad? When I find a vegetarian, I love to ask the reasoning and hope that it’s more than health reasons. I look for inspiration everywhere.

I then tried to come up with an elevator-type speech — summation. Basically: “Because I can’t imagine eating my cat.” Right? To that, I sometimes got this pearl: “I’m vegetarian. Oh, but I eat chicken.” OK. I can’t imagine eating my Grandma’s pet bird either. I can’t imagine eating my pet fish. (Unfortunately, that fish that helped push me over the “undecided” fence passed away last year at the ripe old age of 7.) Once I was flesh-free, it was hard justifying drinking milk or eating eggs.


This weekend, as mentioned, I went to the local city-run farm. It’s brilliant. The animals were so friendly! The deer pranced up and reached his muzzle out for a nuzzle like we had been forever friends. The rooster strutted over to show off his beautiful feathers. The turkey paused in his show-off dance to come near the fence. The cow tried to lick my lens — and got my hand instead. (Cow snot is not exactly pleasant but I appreciate the love.)

What’s a vegetarian trapped inside an omnivore to do?

Perhaps more importantly, what’s a vegetarian trapped inside an omnivore living with a “oh no, not vegetarianism again” person? 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Cultured meat? I’m pretty excited for it. I hope it’s not too many years off. Seems like it solves many of the ethical problems of eating meat. Here’s hoping it tastes good.

    It seems many live in this state of flux you’re in, myself included. And yes, I know how damn hard it is to change eating habits alone in a house with someone else buying and eating what you dearly want. Good luck on that. “Oh no?” They aren’t the least bit supportive?

  2. I think vegetables taste good. Roasted asparagus is a gift from the gods! But, that is an interesting idea. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment!

    Well, there is some support. But the family holidays are coming….

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