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Experimentation with OAMC: Burrito

Sweet Potato Burrito

I stuck to my Meal Plan. A few weeks ago, I made Sweet Potato Burritos but there were so many! So I wrapped each burrito in plastic wrap, then put them in a freezer bag. I wasn’t sure what I should do with them after that so went searching.

I ended up cooking two in the microwave for 5 minutes, then crisping up the tortilla in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes. (I probably could have been fine with just the nuked version so I’m thinking lunch…) I topped the burrito with Pace Picante sauce since the first time eating it was bland.

There was some cilantro in the fridge from I don’t know what, so I took a few leaves from that and added it to already hot corn. Very num! (Needed no salt or butter.)


8 Responses

  1. ooo that looks good!

  2. This sounds super yummy…I think I might have to try it. I looked over the recipe and I think adding nutmeg to the yams might help with the blandness…

  3. @Vigilant20: It was. Muuuuuuch better the second time around! Thanks for reminding me about that OAMC stuff 😉

    @Tam: Nutmeg? Hm. Interesting. I assume freshly grated? I’ve noticed from another recipe that there seems to be a discernible difference.

  4. you’ve got me graving bean burritos now!! haha i don’t know why i would crave sweet potato ones, but i have the urge to drive to taco bell.

  5. I love sweet potato burritos!! They’re so healthy and the fill me right up!! I am about to go read about your meal plan — I think I might do something similar once the pantry challenege is over.

    I like to add a lot of different things to my sweet potato burritos – spiced kale and black beans are probably my favorite. i feel in love with the combo when i created my african kale and yams mash.

    & for your other commentor, nutmeg and cinnamon go exceptionally well with mashed sweet potato or yam!!

  6. @Joanna: Sweet potato ones are nummy! And sweet potato is in season here so it is even more num.

    @Happyherbivore: Spiced kale? Oh that sounds delicious! And colorful. I’ve seen some sweet potatoes done with black beans too. The contrast would be nice, I bet. I’ll have to try that next time. I look forward to seeing your menu plans 🙂 I hope you link them up on orgjunkie too.

  7. When I glanced at that I thought it said OMG Burrito.

    That suddenly made me want an OMG Burrito.

  8. Haha! An OMG Burrito sounds great! That sounds like it’s from a cook that is both great at cooking and being funny. Thank you for the chuckle, Charlie!

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