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Incredible homemade Indian lunch

I work at a place where scientists come from all over the world to do experiments. Every once in a while, I get to enjoy homemade food from the world’s greatest cooks!


What a spread! Sandy — nickname — is from Calcutta and treated us to slap your mamma good food. Let’s see… Starting with the pot in the top left: Rice with asparagus and … shoot, I should have taken pictures of my plate but people were already wary of my picture taking; chicken; shrimp (prawns); I forget but it was amazing and had cilantro in it; carrot “sweet dish”; more of the cilantro-y sauce; spinach and made-from-scratch cottage cheese (not our cottage cheese) and potato; tomato ginger relish; another shrimp dish. All was vegetarian except for the seafood dishes and the one chicken dish, of course.

I tell you what… I don’t know all the seasonings or all the ingredients, but I do know it was out of this world amazing. I am so thankful to have been invited!

My favorite dish was the spinach, potato and cheese dish. She makes her own cheese. She said the carrot dish was a sweet dish so it was warmed in the microwave. We had that as dessert. I’m not a huge carrot fan but that was rocking. Also, the ginger tomato dish is served at the end to help with digestion. Who knew?

The carrot dish was made with grated carrots, evaporated milk, I think, light-colored raisins, cashews and pistachio. It was very sweet and rich.

She also served some great tea that came from India. No tea bags. It was loose leaf Darjeeling.

Also! I learned I have been eating incorrectly. The hostess informed us that she eats a little rice and a little taste. Because there are so many flavors there, that you go up many times. So I did. That was wild. Very good.

Sandy, thank you! Oh, to be able to learn in your kitchen for a few years!


2 Responses

  1. You’re a lot braver that I would be. I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot because I’m chicken 🙂 (no meat pun intended! :))

  2. Wow, this sounds wonderful! I love experimenting with new foods. At least being vegetarian you know it won’t bite back. LOL.

    Have a goody for you over at my blog if you want to stop by and pick it up. I think you’re blog is terrific.

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