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Spinach and Pine Nuts

And then, there were leftovers! I had pine nuts on my counter that were an impulse buy. Spinach in the bag was leftover from the lasagna spirals, plus I kept a couple spirals in the fridge for lunch today. I figured I’d have a chance to get some natural daylight as a light source.

Lasagna Spiral Rolls and Spinach

I found a recipe for spinach with pine nuts (see recipezaar recipe here) and served it with the nuked lasagna spirals.

Badaboom. Big badaboom. Microwave + spiral == a mess. I don’t like microwaving in plastic so put it on a plate. I forgot to put a shield over it. Oops. But it cleaned up easily.

Lasagna Spiral Rolls and Spinach

2 Responses

  1. I love spinach and this looks great. Spinach has alot of health benefits too. If you’re interested in how good spinach is for you read http://www.newrinkles.com/index.php/archive/the-411-on-weight-loss-and-spinach/

  2. […] Spinach and pine nuts and lasagna […]

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