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November Summation: Meatlessness Goal

Smiles come back.It went well. Assuming 3 meals a day and 30 days would be 60 meals. Of those 60 meals, 2 had meat. That’s pretty good for a newbie. One was my fault totally — craving. The other was me being polite to the hostess. I’ve since dropped being polite to hostesses. I’m not rude though. The cravings, however, come and go still. Recently, I smelled hamburger, grilled onions and a hint of mustard in the air outside a Walmart. If I had fangs, they would have grown before your eyes. I did not succumb but was very close to hunting down the burger joint and …. avert your eyes, little ones, avert your eyes.

It doesn’t help that I’m overly busy and not able to cook a good meal. I did buy supplies for one of the recipes to test for Urban Vegan. I wanted to get more but produce doesn’t keep forever. I’m looking forward to finishing finals within a few weeks.

Another hurdle to the new meatlessness is group functions. A group I joined last month does this hosting thing. Basically, a small group within the group brings in food for everyone at the meeting. This rotates among other small groups. The new members have to do this for January. We decided on a theme, and I dig it. However, I don’t dig what “we” are to do and said so. We’re to chip in for a bucket of chicken tenders. I said I’m a vegetarian so don’t want to put my money toward meat but would be very happy putting it toward decorations or a pretty dessert. (That’ll be hard when/if I go full vegan. We’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.)

So, do I push again and say “no” or do I cave and blend?

December’s started and I haven’t picked a goal yet. I’d love to get back to bringing lunches but see a few lines up — time is not on my side.


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