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Flog it good!

Magazines I got on the scale this morning. It was disappointed in me again. 4 pounds up since Thanksgiving.

It’s possible to gain weight as a vegan or vegetarian. I’ve proven to my mother that just cause something’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s automatically healthier.

I can pile on Earth Balance — which is amazingly butter-like — on my vegetables and be 100% vegan. I can eat a triple cheese pizza and be lacto-ovo vegetarian. With all the recipe testing and “Oh this looks good” type of cooking, maybe it’s time to step back — counts as exercise, right? — and start food blogging again. I love reading others’ “what I ate today” posts cause I can get some ideas — or feel better about that huge bowl of vegan bread pudding. I am interested in the new program at Weight Watchers but have no time in a few weeks since school starts back up.

There are lots of words of wisdom out there in the interwebs:

We’ll see. I don’t like those 4 pounds. I have more to lose but was taking a break by maintaining for a bit. Meh.

4 Responses

  1. Here in Holland i can’t find Earth Balance. I’m so disappointed. We have a 100% plant basic magarine for baking, but i think Earth Balance is softer, then the magarine. Love the laptop lunchbox from your previous blog!

    xxx Bar.

  2. J – Do you have decent scales? This may not sound romantic, but my husband gave me a new digital model as a birthday gift. I’m weighing in with a little more faith. Stay with it and good for you! — Mary Ann

  3. @Bar: Yes, Earth Balance is very wonderful. I can hardly tell a difference when I use it! I used to use Brummel & Brown (not vegan) and this reminds me of it. Sorry that you don’t have it 😦

    @Mary Ann: I think so. I also just got some food scales but don’t use it as much as I should. I’ve been making up stuff at the stove so not sure how many calories/fat is in it. Thank you 🙂

  4. Let those creative ideas develop!

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