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Laptop Lunch #7

Laptop Lunch #7

Yes. It’s been a while, but the leftovers inspired me to pull down the laptop lunch container. Clockwise, starting from top left: chopped up organic carrot, chickpea cutlets, sautéed collards, and spring salad greens. All items are vegan. I microwaved the cutlets and collards for about 1 1/2 minutes without a cover — just wanted it warmed.

I am sure that there is an etiquette book for cubicle dwellers that says something about the acceptable amount of aroma particles for food. I probably came close to the maximum. But, hey, I haven’t cooked popcorn at work so I can bring in some collards! Right! Right?

Sneaking in that vegetarian stuff….

Last night, I sort of cheated. It was a Sunday and I had plenty of time to come up with and cook a great meal but I grabbed a frozen pizza and cooked that instead. I invited mother to partake. She did. And she commented on the lack of pepperoni.

Finally, it came out. Yes. To my knowledge, I have not eaten meat since October 23. My last meat was the spicy sausage served in my cafeteria. I’m not 100% sure of the date. It just happened. I do remember shopping on October 22 with vegetarian foods in mind.

I have added oodles of vegetarian and vegan sites to my rss feed reader. I have many recipes I want to try. I have enthusiasm that this time I’ll last more than a year. Ideas are welcome.

Today’s lunch (via cafeteria):

Mushroom wrap: Portabella mushroom, zucchini, yellow squash, cheese. Rice? I was told there was onion in there but I didn’t taste that. I did find some green bell pepper hiding though. 😦 Not a fan of the bell pepper. Not a fan.

Lunch: Hot sauce on chicken tenders

Hot sauce + Chicken tenders

I’m sorry.

Earth, I’m sorry that they used a container twice the size of what was needed. I’m sorry it’s a non-recyclable container at all. I’m sorry for the paper napkin that will go in the trash. I’m sorry for the plastic fork that will join the container and napkin. I’m sorry for the chicken when I just saw beautiful, live chickens this weekend.


I’m sorry.

Soup would have been better but it had red pepper in it. Soup from home would have been better but I haven’t gone shopping yet. Excuses. Excuses.

Lunch: Leftover sweet potatoes, green beans and grapes

Light? Perhaps. But I was full till 5 p.m. yesterday when I ate sweet potatoes so we’ll see today!

Better on the landfill touching, definitely.


  • Sweet potatoes, mashed, in the green bean container. Didn’t overnuke this time! Was heavenly. Mmmm.
  • Grapes. The last of the grapes. Not organic. I wish. I know they should be. But at least they’re not going bad this time! I made a conscious effort to eat them before the fuzz took them.
  • Utensils and washcloth. The towel was too big so I brought my fork in a washcloth. Much better size. Smaller space in a laundry pile too.

Eating while glancing through Eat, Shrink and Be Merry which came in through Interlibrary Loan last night! Woo hoo!

Eat, Shrink and Be Merry!

I love me some Interlibrary Loan 🙂 I can feed — groan — my cookbook addiction without paying for books or overloading my already overloaded bookcases.

Laptop Lunch #6

Wow. Number 6 already? I found a tin of miniature letter cutters and got a little silly with my Laughing Cow babybel.

Laptop Lunch #6

Clockwise, starting at the top left: Fat-free cottage cheese with bits of oranges and cantaloupe in it. A pile of plum and orange slices. Next is a Laughing Cow Light Babybel on top of spinach on top of orange slices. Last, but not least, is a bunch of cantaloupe balls with plum slices.The theme of this is cozy neighbors. A little of one container is in another container. Did I mention I was in a silly mood?

I started to get the hang of making balls out of my cantaloupe near the end. A few have rind on them. Oops!

WW Core except for the Laughing Cow (1 point). I just had to try these little letter cutters that I found in a drawer. I wanted to do “C” for cheese but it didn’t have “C”! No idea why. So, this is “N” for “NUM!” Also, a little gotcha… I forgot that there is a paper(?) string thing and the cut-out didn’t pop out as easily as I thought it would so had to cut along the edges of the “N.” When I got to work, I peeled off the strips and it put a slash through it making it look like “No N.” Or maybe it’s a “Z”!

Closeup of the N

Yes. I’m easily amused.

I also discovered that I don’t like orange plus cottage cheese. And the plum was very tangy but was told they’re supposed to be sweet so I’ll try that again. I still really like the combination of spinach and orange.

Laptop Lunch #5

Laptop Lunch #5

I was really looking forward to this one! The shrimp were thawed the night before and nestled in there. I didn’t add anything and ate them cold. I don’t like cocktail sauce. The grapes and cherries were singing their swan songs. Spinach, carrots and light Greek dressing are the bomb diggity.

And I got a new placemat! My precious.

I like this laptop lunch thing. Putting together lunches is so easy! I don’t have to make a lot of one thing, just fill up some little containers.

I’m extremely tempted to buy another one. It’s kind of a pain to wash it and then fill it the same night.

Laptop Lunch #4

Laptop Lunch #4

Clockwise, starting top-left: Fat-free yogurt with cherries and grapes. I cut the fresh cherries in half to get the pit out. Then though that that looked keen so added some halved grapes. Pretty tasty. The cherries fresh are a little tart, so is the yogurt, but the grapes helped calm everyone down. We then have more grapes– can you tell I love grapes? And under those grapes are some leftover apple bits. And the next container has — surprise — more grapes and some apple slices. I put the skin side up and didn’t add anything to it to see how badly it’d turn brown. Didn’t do badly at all! That’s an organic Fuji apple. Num! Last, but not least, we have left-over brown fried rice with a sprinkle of parsley on top cause I was feeling cheeky. I did microwave the rice for about one minute but it was fine cold. Tasted better at least at room temperature, though.

This is a WW Core meal.