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I had this aloo gobi, right? So I thought, “What about some Indian bread to go with it?” I saw this and thought I could make that with what I have on hand! And, Manjula made it look so easy. I can’t wait to try more of her recipes!

I used the new cast iron skillet and used a little canola oil on it. The oil smoked at that high heat (medium-high). The first one was puffing some and I did the turn around thing she did. It didn’t puff as much as hers though but I think it was because I was scared to push on the bubbles. I’ll push on them next time like she says to. I didn’t use ghee. Oh, and I used plain white flour because the whole wheat decided to expire on me.

Now, I wasn’t sure how to “serve” it so kinda used it like a tortilla a little bit. I pushed some aloo gobi on it, folded the sides a little and ate the end of the taco. Oh man, was that good! I didn’t miss the ghee at all.

Holiday Cooking: Sicilian Fig Cookies

Yay! More Depression Era Cooking from Clara! This lady and her family warm me to the bones. I don’t watch for the recipes so much as the stories, personality and to get a glimpse into her kitchen. The stove reminds me of my childhood. So do other little things here and there like the mixing bowls!

Part One

Part Two

Cooking with Grandma (or anyone, really)

I stumbled on this the other day and have been sending the link to as many people as I think can be infected by its awesomeness.

What a fantastic idea! Basically, grab a video camera and go document some history in a wonderful format! It helps to be as wonderful as a character as Clara. Amidst cooking, there are little stories and glimpses into the Depression. It made me miss my Grandma and also reminded me that we all have a story that someone is interested in hearing.

Thank you, Clara for sharing your cooking and stories. And thank you, videographers, for shooting and posting them!