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Sneaking in that vegetarian stuff….

Last night, I sort of cheated. It was a Sunday and I had plenty of time to come up with and cook a great meal but I grabbed a frozen pizza and cooked that instead. I invited mother to partake. She did. And she commented on the lack of pepperoni.

Finally, it came out. Yes. To my knowledge, I have not eaten meat since October 23. My last meat was the spicy sausage served in my cafeteria. I’m not 100% sure of the date. It just happened. I do remember shopping on October 22 with vegetarian foods in mind.

I have added oodles of vegetarian and vegan sites to my rss feed reader. I have many recipes I want to try. I have enthusiasm that this time I’ll last more than a year. Ideas are welcome.

Today’s lunch (via cafeteria):

Mushroom wrap: Portabella mushroom, zucchini, yellow squash, cheese. Rice? I was told there was onion in there but I didn’t taste that. I did find some green bell pepper hiding though. 😦 Not a fan of the bell pepper. Not a fan.

Flatout amazing! My first time making a flatout wrap

Turkey, tomato, spinach, cheese wrap

Two thumbs up!

I wanted to buy a low-cal, low-fat wrap for sandwiches (yes, thinking about my laptop lunch makings) and found among the wraps a weird looking oblong wrap. Brand name is Flatout and after looking at the nutritional values of those available, I got the Honey Whole Wheat one. It’s a lot of good bread for just 1 point. Odd though, I can’t find it on the Flatout website. This is the closest to the nutritional value that I found: Multi-grain Flatout.

The texture is great. It’s not scratchy or heavy wheat. It didn’t fall apart like the one tortilla ‘sandwich’ that I made did.

I looked on the website to try and figure out how I was supposed to use it. I found a few recipes but no play-by-play. So, I went with the generic “put the stuff on round end of the bread and then roll tightly.” I smooshed the cheese on the bottom using a wet tablespoon. It made the spreading of the cheese much easier. I then put on spinach, some thinly sliced turkey breast, and some slices of tomatoes. I rolled up from the filled end as tightly as I could but couldn’t do too tightly because of the tomatoes.

It held together very well considering I take my sandwiches so dry — no mayo, etc. I sliced it in half and it still held up well.

Fantastic product! I can’t wait to try some other ideas with it. Interestingly enough, after I bought it, I saw a fellow blogger post her fajita photo made with Flatout bread. So weird to go from never knowing about a product to buying it and seeing it in use shortly after!