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Yep. Still alive. Still eating. Still carbon footprinting.

Had the final project/paper of one class, then the other ramped up. I also haven’t been eating much that’s photograph/blog worthy. I’m still losing weight though. Nearing the 10 pound mark since starting again.

I hope to post some photos and more information soon. Sorry šŸ™‚ You know how it is!

And now that it’s July, the farmers’ markets are every weekend now! I hope to visit the closest one this weekend. I have heard two types of advice: come early or come late. If I go early, then I have my pick. If I go later, then I may get deals on the unwanteds. We’ll see. I’m very tired and it’s only Tuesday!


3 Responses

  1. I’m tired too. Let’s go to bed!

  2. Jessica – what’s on the back burner?
    I’m exploring a whole new world–hot sauce and all–in Texas.

  3. Was recovering from one semester and getting ready for the next. I am trying something new with the blog tonight, interestingly enough. Hopefully it works!

    Mmmm! Hot sauce! I’m lucky that my work’s cafeteria has a shelf of different types. I’m coming over to check out what you got going on!

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